Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Office and Home Life in One

I miss going to work from Monday to Friday. I miss waking-up early in the morning and drive 30 miles to work while wading through morning rush hours, and then catch a tall decaf at Starbucks, before entering my office building. Yeah, I miss those ‘corporate-life’ days.

It’s radically different now.

My home office is just adjacent to my son’s room. A single parent, that is, the house is almost empty, especially when the little boy is asleep. No regrets here. I am just blubbering my way out of these files of counter-proposals I have to submit before the weekend. While at it, I could not help but look around the house, and somehow expecting something different. None.

Incidentally, I’ve read a blog on home and garden, thus was inspired to find something to improve inside the house. Well, if I have no plans of going back to corporate work, and for sure my home office will be my work ‘trench’ in the next 5 to 10 years. It’s about time then that I invest on improvements, or a renovation perhaps. Besides, the little boy is growing faster than I expected, he need his own computer nook in his room. I’d better start drafting a plan huh.


  1. Enjoy now buddy, you are free bird. The King of the Jungle lion is free now. You are your own boss now.

  2. Yeah, I will. Thank you Rajesh. ^^



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