Thursday, July 31, 2008

8 Practical Steps in Living a Goal Oriented Life

8 Practical Steps in Living a Goal Oriented Life
“He, who AIMS at NOTHING, will surely HIT IT!”
Everyone has goals. No doubt. Though, not everyone is able to state what they are. In one sense, to have no goal is a goal in itself. ^_^ Aim at nothing, and you will surely hit it.

A purposeful life begins with goals, objectives, dreams or however you wanna call them. How you go through life and how you use your time should always be in relation to achieving your life's goals.

How do you live a goal oriented life? Here are 8 practical steps how:
1. Consider defining and writing your life goals. Writing them gives you a
reference point. Classify them according to a timetable of achievement as follows:

Short Term –Are goals that needed to be met within the day, week, or month.
Mid Term –Are goals that needed to be achieved within the year or
within a 5-year span.
Long Term –Are goals that are achievable longer than a 5-year span.

2. Make your goals inter-related. Meaning, short term and mid term goals should contribute to the achievement of your long term goals.

3. Keep track and adjust whenever necessary. You can only do this if you’ve done Step 1.

4. Mark milestones.

5. Rally all your efforts towards those goals.
Go back to Step 2, and ask yourself whether your goals support each other.

6. Celebrate when a goal is achieved, however small.

7. Do not postpone any. You begin postponing one or two, and you wreak havoc to the rest.

8. Don’t quit!
I might have missed some good points. Can you please add on the list?


  1. I would add - re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis. Life changes, so do our goals.


  2. Thanks for adding that Tony.

    You're right. Goals should be reviewed, evaluated, and adjust when necessary.

  3. A good list. I would add keeping focus on the BIG PICTURE while working on the small things that sums the big picture.

  4. My favorite step is number 6. It's an excellent motivatior!

  5. And I must also add, before anything else, you should see to it that your goals must be realistic!

    Like, I have a friend who's long-term goal is to become a millionaire.

    Heck, his short-term goal is to bet daily on the lottery. And guess what, his mid-term goal is to eventually find a better-paying job so that he could double his bet (and double his chances).

    What a loser!

  6. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here.

    @ rahi koh

    Well, there are people like that. In fact, I know of one who is worse than that. He is not placing any bet but he is expecting to win the jackpot. (lol)


  7. wahaha! that's worse than i can think of


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts ^_~