Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why do you blog? Why do you write?

When Philip Yancey, one of my favorite layman theologians and writers, was confronted with the same question, he wrote:
"I became a writer, I believe, because of my own experience of the power of words. I saw that spoiled words, their original meaning wrung out, could be reclaimed. I saw that writing could penetrate into the crevices, bringing spiritual oxygen to people trapped in airtight boxes."
It was a very noble purpose. How I wish I could have the same purpose (writing skills or gifts as well) like Yancey. But I don’t.

However, here, I will try my best to write and blog to live, to enliven, and give a sense and meaning to what is happening around me. Sometimes, (maybe more often) I will falter along the way and lose sight of this purpose. And I may get sidetracked with monetary rewards in exchange. Who is not?

I want to inspire, to motivate, to instruct, and share worthwhile information or thoughts. Air my opinion, failures, successes, and confessions. Occasionally, I will throw in some rants. Sometimes I will sound witty, sometimes dumb –I don’t care. This is my expression.

Welcome to 'my sense and sensibility, including my non-senses' . I am NOR, and I am just trying my best to make sense here -please forgive my 'non-senses' should you encounter them here more often. By the way, did I tell you that this is my "about page"? Yeah, it is. :P

Other than blogging (I used to be a professional blogger between 2006 and 2009 and sold one of my blogs a good sum-enough to buy a new car), I am a Management Consultant and run my own virtual company I am always online (20 hours a day he he he), although stay hidden most of the time to keep both my staff and clients at bay.

Let's hear you out, leave your sensible comments or email me here and I will try to get back to you the soonest. For the meantime, you might want to subscribe to my updates via Email. Also, you might want to visit my other blogs:

How about you? Why do you blog? Why do you write?

(Updated  25 August 2012. Previous update was in May 2008)


  1. Well my personal site is mostly so that I can collect and give input on things that interest me and also share stories about my experience in Japan.

    My politcal/philosophy blog is starting to shift focus to changing conventional wisdom about how society works.

  2. whats important is that you don't write about something you don't believe in. we owe it to our readers to be as believable as possible. i blog because i love to write, because i somehow hope i can influence a soul. now if i earn through blogging, thats just a plus.

  3. Great post. When I first started bloggin, it was about my own personal issues, now that I have some online friends, it's been great. Now I blog about a whole genre of things. :)

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  5. Been blogging since 2003.(change blogs often though)I blog because I like it. Simple as that. I gain the reward of satisfaction. Then I go for a little bit of monetary reward but that is not the whole purpose of my blogging. For me that is just the nice side-effect. :)

    I like your blog, I will subscribe to it.

  6. blogging is very new to me but I blog now because I like it and it serves a purpose for me. I found myself on a mission to find products made in the USA and I decided to start a blog and see how many products I could come up with. It is very relaxing for me to research and write. I find myself really enjoying it.

  7. i'm blogging about blogger template. and need few days to make it.

    so i post only if i have new template already.

  8. Hallo! I get into all this blogging all because of this
    Before this I know nuts about internet! In fact I am still learning! Have a nice day!

  9. Great post. You basically summed it up for me. I started my blog to give me something to do, to share my daily life with others, for someone to "talk" rant, rave, share insight, make someone laugh...doesn't matter. It gives me purpose.

  10. Honestly... I just have a wee bit too much time on my hands. And so I've grown addicted. I never had any kind of philosophy about blogging.

  11. i initially started to keep my family and friends updated with my going ons. and then i kept at it because it was fun documenting my learnings and adventures. :)

    blog hop. :) have a nice day...

  12. Originally, I began blogging to get those things out of my head that would keep me awake at night. Partly, I blog to encourage other single adults to consider becoming adoptive parents, and to share situations that others may have had experiences with before me (this has proven to be WAY beneficial!).

    Sometimes I blog to get another's point of view, to widen my horizons, to strengthen my faith, or to goof off after my child goes to bed.

  13. I am simply amazed at how we differ in our motives. However, we do rally at one point, that is sharing those info, insights, and experiences.

  14. I write because i wanna learn and make new friends.

    I really like your blog, i can learn a lot from you.


  15. Ronnie, You dropped by that drew me to find many interesting articles and points of view here. We'll discover more, share more and perhaps interact often as we walk alongside blogging, each with our passions. There's a lot to read here; so once is certainly not enough. Bookmarking helps and I don't put off acting on anything I get convinced clearly.

  16. Hi Push ^^

    Thank you for the compliment. And I hope you forgive my 'non-senses' along the side.

    I hope I'll be seeing you more here.


  17. why do i write? hmp!?!??! it's my passion..since i was in elementary, i really used to write.. i have been to newspaper company (local) as a part time editor however my mama advised me to stop there when my dad was involved in a political conflicts on 2006.

  18. Passion is the genius behind any great accomplishment. I admire people who are passionate about what they do.

    Well, you can still be passionate with your blogging, and btw you have a great blog! ^^

    Hope to see you more here Gagay.

  19. as paulo coelho wrote in one of his books, share your stories and they'll be replaced with more wonderful ones. keep blogging ron :)


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