Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conditioning of the Mind towards Personal Development and Effectiveness

  • What you hear more often can make or break you
If you are so exposed in negativism, cynicism, and other words belittling your self-esteem, more likely you will act and talk in the same manner. On the other hand, exposure on a positive atmosphere and optimism you will eventually develop self-confidence and high self-esteem. Why is that?

  • The communist indoctrination: A case in point
It is interesting to note that during the early years of communism (in China and Russia), its proponents harnessed the power of mind conditioning in order to subdue people so that they will embrace this political ideology blindly and obey the state at all times. People where continually barraged with communist propaganda in the classrooms, factories, and utilizing other media until they eventually succumbed. Some testimonials I read after the crumbling of USSR reveal that it took most of these people several years to recover from those indoctrinations. What does this tells us?

  • Conditioning of the mind through positive subliminal messages
The mind is a very fertile ground. Anything you plant in it can easily bear fruits in one’s actions, words, and life in general. So, when positive things were planted, you reap positive fruits, vis a vis negative things will produce negativism. Hence, in personal development and effectiveness, positive subliminal messages are very powerful aids. They accelerate the learning curve and self-esteem enhancements. These effective tools can easily be used especially when encrypted in CD’s or any other recording device. Frequent listening will condition the mind to a positive end. It will also rid it of negative subconscious programming that is a major deterrent factor towards accomplishing your personal goals. When you are frequently exposed to positive subliminal messages, the result will easily manifest in (1) better emotional well being, (2) positive outlooks, (3) good dispositions, and (4) renewed zest for life. In addition, you gain more (5) confidence to focus on the more important aspects of your personal goals with gusto.

  • What is your take on this?
Start your own personal development and effectiveness program today by reading, watching, and listening to materials that will condition your mind in a positive way.


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