Monday, August 17, 2009

Web Hosting Guide for Online Entrepreneurs

Many small business owners are turning to the internet for new source of business and customers. Sadly, some were misled into thinking that website development is easy and cheap. Probably for the internet savvy, the experienced bloggers, and seasoned online marketers, the case is true. However, offline business owners and those who are venturing for the first time online, without the right guidance, website development can be difficult and costly. Dedicated server hosting these days may cost you a fortune if you fail to do your homework and compare prices. Add that web developers who charge more than what they can actually offer in return.

I know, because I’ve been there.

There are no short cuts for online entrepreneurs, as some try to sell you.

The good news though, there are great website building articles and tips available online to avoid costly mistakes. Web Hosting Geeks’ Blog, for example, offers you a great guides and other information about webhosting, eCommerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and more. Just invest a portion of your time digging into their articles before you embark on your journey, as an online entrepreneur will prove to be useful in your business decisions.

Elsewhere, you can find more –and these are absolutely free. Again, FREE! Believe me, those who sometimes charge for a fee for the same information have actually (more often) knocked-off information. It’s a tricky world out there. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a web hosting guide written by experts, the blog I mentioned above is the site to refer from. Head on there please.