Saturday, April 03, 2010

I broke my own rule, I broke my promise

It’s been almost 5 years. It’s not a great feat worth celebrating, I must say. But I have been indeed sober for almost 5 years until last Thursday.

10 years of struggle with alcoholism, 2 years in therapy, and I threw it all in one night.

No justification here, only remorse.

This is day 3, and yeah I started counting the days again. I am still determined to keep my promise.

On another note, I shared a quote with a friend from Helen Keller that reads:
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
And ask how she lives hers. I was surprised by a simple yet profound answer –SIMPLICITY.

What struck a resonating note in my mind was, slowly, I realized that I am beginning to complicate my life again. I am returning to a life that once I thought I enjoyed, but actually had just led me to miseries and pains.

I don’t want that anymore. Simple life is preferable.

Simple living is practical, is ideal, and is desirable. Thanks for reminding me Les.