Thursday, November 06, 2008

Catching-up with my son

little boy playingIt’s amazing how kids grow so quickly.

My son is barely two years old but by comparison (okay, I may be a bit bias here like most parents are) he’s taller than the average. However, like other kids he’s a bit hyperactive. The nanny can’t hardly cope with him when he’s at play. So do I. (I’m not whining people.) The Pedia said, it’s but natural. It’s not a disorder as some kids may have. My son is smart and is even very attentive when instructed to do this or don’t do that thingy.

Working at home most of the time gives me the advantage to really watch him grow, although there are many times that most of my waking hours are spent with my laptop. Work work work. Had to. For him. For both of us. I tried my best though to catch up with him whenever possible, or when I take intermittent breaks.

I’m thinking of remodeling his play room. Other than the kids bed, I’d like to stuff it with some more ergonomically-designed kids furniture like childrens desk and book shelves. Well, he doesn’t know how to read yet, but I just wanted to pass-on the influence that my father had on me about the love for books and learning itself. Besides, he loves to hear stories. I see to it that he reads one before he goes to bed every night. In fact, I have already memorized some of the stories that sometimes I just try to recite one while I am tapping on my laptop (talking about multi-tasking huh.).

There's so much to learn about him, and I am really thrilled with the privilege of raising him alone. Albeit, with a partner would be preferable. Anyone? Lol.


  1. creative multi-tasking, huh? :)

    just "peeping" in ...

  2. Thank you mom ^^,

    Well, I am trying to amuse and convince myself that I can really multi-task like that, i.e., working while spending time with my son. Lol


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