Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Angst of Falling in Line

You cannot probably blame me, but in today’s world of ‘instant’ anything, queuing in a long line is exasperating at times. penguins_falling_in_lineTo add to your frustrations, there seems to be some people who made it a habit to ignore barricades and stanchions to keep everyone on the line. Call this ranting, yeah. From time to time, a post like this is necessary.

I’ve been to a concert lately, and if not for the thrill, sensation, and the fun that the band promised and satisfyingly delivered, I’d rate the concert as an epic fail in terms of crowd control. Well, I must admit that in concerts, the blast of the loudspeakers, the crowd, and the music itself is electrifying. But entering the venue is another thing.

A velvet rope is supposed to tell you people that there is a need to fall in line. But unfortunately, for some, it’s “who cares? I wanna get in now!” attitude seems to be the rule. When people ignore simple things like this, anarchy and chaos follow.

Our attitude about and what we do when waiting on or falling in line is required actually reflects how we behave in society in general.

We wait in line not only because it is in order, but because it is for the greater good. We wait in line because; we are specie that values law and order. We wait in line because we respect others and we value their rights.