Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Faith and Existence -Finding a Balance

Whenever someone asks me about my faith or religion, I would readily say that I belong to the mainstream protestant. Then readily admit that I am nominalmeaning_existence

It is not that I am flaunting about it, I simply want to unmask myself immediately whenever religion crops up. On matters of the faith, I always try to strip myself of any hint of pretenses or guise of religiosity.

I have observed that people tend to quarrel and squabble about religious doctrines or teachings, but not on the ultimate question of faith, existence, and the after-life. And more often hate each other, rather than respect each belief.

On the one hand, we exist and co-exist, whether you like it or not. The question really is, finding and knowing the purpose of our existence.

Faith on the other hand, though more often ignored, is something that we have inherently. Anyone has it. The problem here is the same with the problem of existence. For most of us, we simply do not know what to believe in and whom to believe. That is, finding the object of our faith. Moreover, when we finally found faith’s mooring, we don’t know how to act in faith.

I can relate so much with the sentiment of Philip Yancey when he said:
“I don't worry much about nuances of particular doctrines, but every so often catch myself wondering about the whole grand scheme of faith.”
Honestly, I tend to vacillate in both categories and predicament. When my faith wavers, I tend to forget the object of my faith and the purpose of my existence. Thus, I try to pinch myself by touching base once in a while with my faith’s community.