Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Delays and Waiting – What can we learn from them?

“Lord, give me patience. I need it NOW!”
still waiting for someoneHave you prayed the same? I bet you did. Probably not in the same token or we have not actually verbalized it.

We hate waiting. We hate delays. We hate being late. Yet, we go through life with all of these in tow. Unknowingly, these things take a piggyback ride on our daily affairs. They exasperate us and more often may ruin our day when left unmanaged.

However, have you ever thought or consider that sometimes delays were meant to teach us something? I know there are delays that cannot be justified, and oftentimes, senseless. Besides that, there are good lessons you can learn from them.

For one, and probably the most important, delays teach us patience.

We’ve heard it, patience is a virtue. It means patience is a good quality or trait worth developing. But it doesn’t grow overnight. It is a garden needed nurturing on a daily basis, a flame needed panning from time to time, and a muscle needed weightlifting to develop. But when patience is rooted well in our soul, in our character, it pays well in crunch times.

One way of effectively nurturing patience is via delays and waiting periods. The more we are exposed to them, the better our character becomes. As we make allowances for delays and waiting time, we will get to enjoy life more. Our day becomes pleasant and bearable, and we become better people in the process.