Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Game Called Life – How far can you raise your stakes?

Life is a gamble where
Where you search and you ramble
And you try for the high that will help to see you through
Life is a gamble and so if you can handle
The uncertainty of tomorrow with me, Today I'll bet on you ~from “Life is a Gamble” words and music by Bobby Cochran and Harry Garfield
I do not gamble because of two reasons: one, I hate losing on things of which I have no control of, and two, because gambling is a game of chance. I tried online once, a couple of years ago at the urging of a friend and the lure of online casino bonuses for grab…and I lose. I never played since; although I love watching poker games live. I love the tension heaping when the stakes are higher, and how the players try to read each other’s hands and expression. Then one by one, the players starts conceding until only a pair left. This is the climax. This is where silence grips the room until the last card was drawn –win or lose but winner takes all.

Life can be like that if we take it as a game of chance. Yeah, there are decisions where you take risks, gamble, and let fate. But on a day to day basis, life should be lived with a purpose, not by chance. When your future is at stake, you don’t just gamble it away. You plan, prepare, and take calculated steps to win until the end. You don’t relegate it to chance.

Alright, enough of the allegory and the reflection.

On the side:

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